How Do You Make Sweet and Sour Chicken?

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If you like Chinese food, it is for sure you must know about the famous sweet and sour chicken. If the answer is yes, then we have good news for you, we teach you and tell you that how do you make sweet and sour chicken? Keep reading, gather the ingredients and get to work, this dish of oriental flavours will remain the same or better than in the restaurant where you’ve tried before.

What is Sweet and Sour Chicken?

Before learning that how do you make sweet and sour chicken, you must know a bit about this dish. The sweet and sour chicken is one of the dishes that prevail in most Chinese restaurants. It is actually a combination of sweet and bitter tastes. This specialty has made it a bright and appetizing dish. It is rich, tasty and, most importantly, easy to prepare. If you want to practice your culinary arts, then we will tell you how do you make sweet and sour chicken and explain how to make Chinese sweet and sour chicken in an easy way.

Follow the steps below. Have fun cooking and introduce yourself a bit more in Asian cuisine. It will delight you, guaranteed.

Easy Sweet and Sour Chicken Recipes

It is a very rich and well-known dish of Chinese cuisine, which is cooked throughout Asia although each country has its version, including Thailand, being a little different, the meat does not overcook and the bittersweet touch is more subtle and not so powerful. In addition to being a very colourful dish, the preparation of the chicken is quite unique, because when marinating it with the Chinese batter and then in the cornstarch. By doing this, we will get a very special crunchy texture and that too rich in flavour. On the other hand, the sweet and sour sauce is prepared separately and is integrated into the sautéed vegetables.

You can eat this sweet and sour chicken alone or accompanied by white rice, I recommend that you must prepare sweet and sour chicken in your houses, and enjoy with family and friends. It is a dish, which is full of flavours, with being a little sweet due to ketchup, which also gives a very appetizing reddish colour. It also has tangy taste due to vinegar and the fruity touch of the pineapple, which mixes with it perfectly.

How To Make Sweet and Sour Chicken?

The ingredients are:-

  • 250-gram chicken breast cut into cubes
  • A dash of pepper
  • Sunflower oil
  • Salt to taste
  • 2 tbsp soya sauce
  • 2 tbsp vinegar
  • 3 tbsp brown sugar
  • Sweetened pineapple juice
  • Corn flour
  • 1 tbsp of honey
  • Ginger powder
  • Garlic vegetables: red and green pepper diced, onions


  • Put soya sauce in a bowl and marinate the chicken that is cut into blocks for a few minutes. When you see that it is soft, so it is the perfect time to prepare it.
  • Prepare the mixture to coat chicken. You will need flour, pepper, and salt. You can also add the remaining liquid in which you marinated the chicken with soya sauce. If you notice that the batter mixture is very clear, add a few tablespoons of flour until it is more consistent and thick.
  • Once you have made the dough, chicken tacos bathed in it and then fry them in a pan containing hot oil and sunflower. When you see that the chicken tacos catch a golden colour, remove from heat and place a plate with absorbent paper, so get remove excess oil from the frying.
  • At the same time, sauté vegetables that are peppered to taste in another pan, then add the chicken.

To make the chutney you mix the following ingredients in a bowl:-

Add three tablespoons of vinegar and three tablespoons of brown sugar. In case you do not have this type of sugar, you can put white in it. You should also incorporate three spoons of sweetened pineapple juice. Then, add to the mixture a spoon of soya sauce, one tbsp of sunflower oil, and one tbsp of honey. Put pepper to it and add some ginger powder and a spoonful of ketchup.

Mix all over low heat. You should watch how the honey is undone and go stirring all the ingredients so that the flavours are mixed little by little. Stir the sauce until it thickens and incorporates gradually; add some cornstarch to thicken. The sauce should be concentrated as per your taste, the thicker you want it, the more corn flour you will need to add in it.

Sweet and Sour Chicken Recipe

Preparation of Sweet and Sour Chicken Sauce:-

In another bowl, we will mix Chicken broth, soya sauce, sugar, vinegar, honey, and ketchup. Now we will add the sauce to the pan where we had cooked onions and peppers. It is important to add it when we notice that the onions are somewhat transparent but not very soft. Remember that in this dish the vegetables should feel crisp. Let the sauce cook in this pan for 10 minutes to reduce it. Once you have the sauce just as per your liking, remove it from the heat. Then in a new frying pan, what you will do us that you will have to add the fried chicken tacos, the vegetables and the sauce. Mix everything and heat it for a few minutes.

It is for sure that by this time the sauce may be reduced and caramelized to a quite lot extent. This means that it is now the perfect time to add the chicken that we had reserved. Cook for 5 minutes more, whilst stirring well to cover with all the caramel.


This recipe can be made with pork, loins or turkey or with any lean or soft meat. The recipe can be applied and adapted to varieties to taste, especially in the case of garnishing with vegetables. Just do as you like, to make it sweet, sour, tangy, or whatever taste that you like.

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