How to Store Potatoes at Home

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If you have a lot of potatoes then the first thing that would come in your mind is that how to store potatoes at home? We will start by talking about the best way to store potatoes at home, which may seem simple. Continue reading.

What is the Potato?

As you know, the potato is a tuber, i.e. it is a modified structure of the plant, which develops underground and it reserves its nutrients (basically water and starch) that allow a potato to survive and spread. What happens is, that the aerial part of the plant dies during the fall, while the tubers survive underground for the winter, during which remain in a state of dormancy until the spring arrives.

How to store potatoes at home

Potato: a Tuber?

All tubers need specific conditions to be compatible with, whilst the conservation for as long as possible at home. The potato grows underground and when it is extracted abroad, it remains like a living organism with metabolic and physiological processes that do not stop. For this reason, if we want to keep our potatoes in good condition and we must take care of them and know how to store potatoes at home. The verity is that potato has been with us since the sixteenth century, so no wonder that potato is one of the basic pillars in feeding much of the population. Well, thanks to its versatility, it allows us to enjoy it in many ways besides giving us awesome nutritional benefits.

The potatoes are virtually fat-free; also, they are a great source of carbohydrates. It contains mainly starch but also provides fiber, vitamin C and B, potassium and many essentials minerals. They also contain no gluten, so they are perfect for those who cannot consume it or want a diet free of it.

How to Store Potatoes at Home:-

Today we will learn how to store potatoes at home that last for more time. The potatoes, when are stored at home, remain fresh. The first thing we need to wonder is what is the best place to store potatoes? This is the first question that we must ask ourselves and the answer to storing potatoes at home is to control the temperature, light, and ventilation of the chosen place. It should not be a hot nor cold place; the ideal temperature is between 7 and 11 degrees, which help keep the starch, water and ideal levels of oxidation. In this way, for example, we will avoid that the potatoes acquire a sweet taste when we eat it fries. Has it ever happened to you? If we talk about light, it is best to find a place where darkness reigns.

Another element that we must take into account for the perfect conservation of our potatoes is the humidity factor. Keep in mind that three-quarters of the potato are water, which means it would be ideal to maintain the same proportion in our potatoes at home. As a complicated task, as a home remedy, we can recommend that you keep the potatoes in dark bags with some holes that promote perspiration. Although, it would also be a wooden box with slits who’s interior must be covered with newspaper.

Quick Tip The Best Way to Store Potatoes

First, Change of Bag:-

As soon as you arrive at the store with your potatoes, change the potatoes bag, especially if they come in a plastic bag. Ideally, you will keep the potatoes in dark cloth bags or grid with some holes that encourage perspiration. Although it would also be worth it to put the potato in a wooden box with holes in it, however, we must not forget that the potatoes are vegetables that breathe, so we have to allow a proper air flow in it.

Control the Temperature:-

The temperature that we usually have in houses is around 20 ° C. this temperature is not at all suitable for keeping our potatoes well. At this temperature the potato loses water, will rust and will form buds. Instead, if they are placed in a cold place, for example, a refrigerator, the potato will darken and will change its particular flavour, becoming sweeter by the loss of starch, so it will not fry well.

So, you may be confused that what is the correct temperate for storing of the potatoes? Still confused that what is its correct temperature? Obviously your may be, try to find a place in our pantry or garage is around 7 and 11 degrees. That will be the perfect temperature for a long conservation of potatoes.

Watch the Light:-

We will find an almost dark place to store the potatoes. The light will make the potato lose its size and promote the development of chemical compounds such as glycoalkaloids and chlorophyll, which if they interact with, will make a potato become more bitter and greenish, and becoming more toxic. Total darkness is not beneficial to the potato, so it is best to place them on sites penumbral light and airy.

The Potato Does not Want Neighbors:-

It is quite common to see in many houses that potatoes and onions are stored together. This is a mistake; onions release a compound that makes lasting fewer potatoes and spoilage. So do not mix, and place each in its own box and in a separate place.

How to do when we Buy a Lot?

When we buy many kilos of potatoes and want to store it, so get a large cardboard box and cover with newspaper. Then put the potatoes inside and throw black pepper to protect them from the insects. Finally, cover them the potatoes with more sheets of newspaper and place the box in a dry and cool place.


The ideal conditions for keeping the potatoes safe in optimal condition are a temperature between 7 ° C and 11 ° C, relative humidity between 90% and 95%, adequate ventilation and absence of light.

Although these conditions are difficult to reach in a home, some home-based methods can be used to facilitate conservation. For example, we can store the potatoes in a dark bag hole, or spread on a wooden box in a room with the right conditions. Happy storing the potatoes.

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