How to Make Mayonnaise

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The mayonnaise is a sauce that is emulsified cold mainly with the whole egg and vegetable oil also; it is usually seasoned with salt, juice of lemon or vinegar. Today it is used in many international dishes usually of vegetables and fish as an accompaniment. The mayonnaise is undoubtedly one of the most popular and consumed worldwide. It is best to make the mayonnaise at home. You must learn how to make mayonnaise as it is much more natural and, above all, has far fewer calories than buying ready – made.

We will tell you how to make mayonnaise, as this is the best recipe from which you can prepare a rich mayonnaise at home. We hope you like the way of how to make mayonnaise that we will tell you. Mayonnaise is a sauce that dates back to 250 years ago and continues today more relevant than ever, being used for all kinds of recipes and perfect for dipping. This sauce is very versatile since its preparation can be light for those who want to preserve the figure or traditional, both ways are delicious. We will show you the different ways to make a rich mayonnaise from the comfort of your home and most importantly very economical.

How to make mayonnaise

  How to make mayonnaise

How to make mayonnaise:

Traditional mayonnaise:

Here is a simple recipe to prepare a rich mayonnaise at home in a few steps. Following our indications, it will be very easy to prepare one of the best sauces that exist.


– 175 ml soft olive oil
– A large egg
– A couple of tablespoons of lemon juice
– A pinch of salt


The mayonnaise is one of the most popular sauces worldwide, used as such or as a base for other sauces made from it. It is a sauce of Spanish origin that is obtained by emulsifying oil and egg, although usually a little salt and vinegar or lemon juice are added and in other occasions some additional ingredient, such as garlic, to give it an extra touch of flavour. We begin detailing step by step how to make a basic and easy to make mayonnaise, here is the recipe.

The preparation of the mayonnaise is also simple and few ingredients are needed, so it can be prepared at any time of need. The best thing is to make small amount, which we need, since it is a sauce that we must consume in a few days to have a short period of time to contain egg, which makes that normally we consume mayonnaise bought in the supermarket, that we can conserve much more time in the fridge with no problems.

It is essential to prepare it taking care in its elaboration since the egg is an ingredient that can provoke salmonellosis if it is not used correctly. The first thing to consider is that the egg must be stored in the refrigerator and remove only a few minutes before preparing mayonnaise, especially in hot weather, as the egg should be at a similar temperature to the oil to emulsify all right. In addition, care must be taken with the eggshell, which is usually a source of bacteria, taking care that the contents of the egg do not touch the eggshell. With all these considerations, we will begin to prepare mayonnaise.

We will pour the olive oil, a large fresh egg, a little salt and freshly squeezed lemon juice into the glass of the blender, which will make any bacteria or germs that may not be reproduced. Put the blender to the bottom and begin to beat at slow speed, without moving the arm, until we see that it begins to emulsify the mixture. Sprinkle a few minutes until it begins to take consistency, and then begin to slowly move up and down, without stopping beating, the blender, until we have the mayonnaise ready. It is best to try it in case you have to correct the salt point.

It is best to prepare the mayonnaise just before you need to take freshly cooked but if you prepare it in advance will retain a cool place, even if the ambient temperature is high, we will keep in the fridge, in a closed container. If you do not consume it all in the day, do not keep it more than 36-48 hours at the most, thus avoiding problems by consuming it in bad condition. Dare to try a mayonnaise home?

How to make homemade mayonnaise

Tip: To make this rich recipe, you must first be aware that ingredients should be at room temperature to the mixture are perfect temperature. Check that there is no remaining shell in the mixture to avoid bad times when it is consumed. Regarding the ingredients, if no corn oil, you can use sunflower or olive. The eggs can be whole or single the yolks that remain of the person’s taste. If you do not have a blender, a hand mixer would come in handy or just handy.

Mayonnaise light:

This preparation does not contain egg, so these will be replaced by 1/2 of whole milk and at room temperature and follow the above procedure. Another option is to replace eggs with natural yogurt and mix it with the mixer while adding little by little the oil.

For your celebrations:

To achieve these four sauces, you only need to add a few chopped ingredients to your mayonnaise. They are ideal to accompany fried or grilled fish, vegetables and cold meats. Mayonnaise with garlic: add 4 garlic cloves crushed to the yolks and follow the steps of the original recipe.

Tartar sauce: To the already prepared mayonnaise, add 25 grams of pickled pickles, 25 grams of drained capers, 2 tablespoons of parsley and another 2 of chervil, 1 stalk of leek and 1 clove of garlic, all finely chopped.

Truffle Mayonnaise: Substitute 1 tablespoon of sunflower oil for another of truffle oil and add a little-grated truffle to the finished mixture.

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