How to Chop an Onion Easily

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Chopping an onion or cutting it very thinly into small pieces is a basic culinary skill you’ll see in many recipes. If you also want to learn the best recipes so you must know how to chop an onion.

What is an onion?

Onion is one of the tastiest vegetables, which can be added a lot of dishes to add a touch of freshness and flavour. However, it has a serious side effect that causes many people to try to stay away from it whoever prepares it: it causes an annoying stinging in eyes and tearing who is cutting it, only they can know. An onion is a bulb and its family members are garlic and leek too.

What does onion do?

This vegetable is a basic ingredient of Mediterranean cuisine, indispensable for producing an endless list of traditional and modern dishes. Fundamentally it is used like the condiment in broths, stews, rice, sauces, etc.


In addition to their appreciated gastronomic qualities, they are really beneficial to the digestive system, are diuretic and provide important amounts of minerals such as potassium, calcium, iron …, and vitamins A, B, C and E.

Sizes of onion:-

There are many varieties, of different colours, sizes and characteristics. Taking into account their culinary properties we differentiate between the ones that are most suitable to consume in crude, soft and sweet and those that are used for cooking.

How to Chop an Onion

Which onion to buy?

Always choose the onions that are dry and hard on all sides, with the skin intact, without any tender spot or green shoots.

Storing onions:-

Onions are well preserved in open, fresh and dry places; Protected from bright light. They are best maintained in ventilated areas, where air circulates well. Once opened, it is preferable to keep them in the refrigerator, wrapped in transparent kitchen paper. Let us now know how to chop an onion.

How to chop an onion:-

Use a sharp knife and a good cutting board to make sure the onion does not slip. Chopping an onion in the correct way for cooking can be difficult. When you’re sobbing like you’ve just finished with your love of high school, it’s not so easy to cut an onion in the way a cook could line it in a restaurant. Luckily, these are some good tips you can use to cut an onion in the right way to produce a wonderful end product.

How to chop an onion (the basic shape):-

The basic shape of an onion is cut in brunoise, and, what is this? It is an onion that is cut in very small squares or as is commonly said chopped onions.

Steps for how to chop an onion:-

You have to peel the onion and cut it in half. Put the onion on the table face down and cut it horizontally without reaching the end. Then, cut vertically, but not reaching the end either. Finally, we turn the onion and give the last cuts.

First, cut the onion lengthwise, in half. Then, remove the skin. If the first layer is not in good condition or has spots, remove it as well. Cut the ends, leaving part of the root so that the layers stay together.

Chop the onion (cut into cubes)
  • We put one-half on the table, resting on the flat surface to stand firm while the cut.
  • Next, we conducted a series of longitudinal cuts, without reaching the end so that the onion does not crumble.
  • If we chop very finite, we make 2 or 3 parallel cuts to the table at different heights.
  • Finally, we performed another series of cross – sections, as shown in the picture, getting chopped onion.

Cut into julienne (thin strips of onion)

  • Place one of the pieces on the board, supporting it on the flat surface so that it stays firm while we cut it.
  • We make a series of longitudinal cuts, of the thickness that is required in our recipe.
  • Cut into julienne: small strips with the thickness of a match (2 mm wide by 2 mm thick) and a length no greater than 6 cm.

Why cutting onions causes tearing?

  • The tearing reason is the irritation of the nasal mucous membranes to inhale the molecule that appears to cut the layers of the onion. Normally this emission usually has a small radius of reach, of about 50-90 cm approximately.
  • When breathing the propanotial, its irritating action causes that we cry the eyes or we even feel bad and we have to leave the kitchen. The best way is to cut the onions that are very cold. Thus the gas is less volatile and normally or not apparent or much less clear.

So, one of the tricks that are used in many homes, is to put the onion in the freezer for a few minutes or in the refrigerator for an hour or more before cutting. Another way for the issue would not affect us chop the onion submerged in a tub with water so that they would not leave irritating gases. Obviously, this method will work but not practical, especially if we have to cut a fine brunoise type.

How To Peel and Chop an Onion

The most important tip:-

The most important trick to learn how to cut or chop onions without crying is to have a good table, a good sharp knife and make the cut with good technique. It is also essential to be something separate from the knife to avoid being in the operating range of emissions that will onions. Put forward the cutting board and so there is no perpendicular knife on my face, but developed so that emissions usually go up not directly to an individual. First, break the onion in half and then pass it through cold water.

Always, put cuts on onion quickly and decisively with the sharp knife to prevent slipping and cuts occur. Finally, it is important to know the different ways to cut or different cutting techniques onions, depending on the dish for which we will need this ingredient for.

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