Can you Freeze Mushrooms after Cooking?

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Freeze Mushrooms:

Can you freeze mushrooms after cooking? This question may for sure arise in your mind sooner or later if you are dealing with mushrooms.

The Question is: can they freeze? The answer is YES, the mushrooms can be frozen. You can freeze mushrooms once they are cooked without any problem. For example, a stew with mushrooms can be frozen like any other prepared dish.You can also freeze the refried mushrooms. Another option is to cook the mushrooms, this means that mushrooms are undergone a very brief cooking, and then frozen.

How to Freeze White Button Mushrooms

Can you Freeze Mushrooms

In that case, when the mushrooms have cooled, freeze them in freezer bags with a little of their juice. When defrosting, transfer to the refrigerator 24 hours before.

If you are fond of picking mushrooms, or know someone who is and gives you lots of mushrooms, you will be interested in this questions answer that can you freeze mushrooms after cooking? There are many mushrooms that can only be available in a fresh state for short periods of time, so it has been a long time that various conservation techniques have been used to enjoy them throughout the year.

Well, after a long debate about whether to freeze the mushrooms or not, the answer is yes, we can freeze the mushrooms even they being cooked. If we freeze them already washed or unwashed, cooked or natural, it does not matter as the mushrooms freeze like any other normal food!!

This means that we can eat mushrooms all year yaayyy… not just take mushrooms in the fall. But, there are some ideas that are taken into account when we are going to freeze mushrooms.

How can you Freeze Mushrooms after Cooking?

Can you Freeze Mushrooms

Freezing Mushrooms:-

Like any type of food, mushrooms can also be frozen. Basically, there are two methods for the freezing of mushrooms, provided that we take into account a number of rules and tips that we will quote below. It is not advisable to freeze the collected mushrooms in winter since they suffer the alterations of the climatology (especially frost).

The solution, in this case, is to freeze them cooked. It is not necessary or advisable to have them frozen for a long time, since except for prolonged droughts and other mishaps, mushrooms can be collected all year round.

Freezing of Poached Mushrooms:- 

Depending on the texture of each mushroom, it should have more or less boiling time (from 2 to 6 minutes maximum), it is important to cool them well before putting them into the freezer. Mushrooms should be healthy and medium in size.

Use freezing bags and a tip is that note the date. To defrost, remove and leave in the refrigerator overnight. If it is a stew, mushrooms can also be frozen directly, the freezing time in four stars of 6 to 9 months.

Freeze Natural Mushrooms:- 

It is possible to freeze a large number of species from this method but it is very important to follow the following tips:

Choose medium specimens of mushrooms that are very healthy and clean, trying not to have much water or a little dry. The whole mushrooms have to be frozen, without piling in the bags (like a kilo per bag).

To defrost it take one hour before use, to stretch them in a tray, as soon as the knife can cut them in slices, it is proceeded to cook to taste, of this form it is obtained that the mushroom does not lose its texture and maintains its aroma Before freezing them you should the freezer be set to? 20 ° C. Freezing time in starts from 6 to 9 months.

Choose medium-sized mushrooms that are neither too dry nor too moist. When we buy them we will know which are the first ones that we must eat and those that we have to freeze.

The mushrooms are frozen without cutting or laminating … the whole mushroom and, they are frozen in bags.

Mushroom freeze bags do not have to be very full. Mushrooms need to have space.

The natural mushrooms are frozen at -20ºC and then have a natural flavour, aroma and texture.

Freezing time without losing properties: between half a year and up to 9 months.

How do Natural Mushrooms thaw?

Then to unfreeze them we take them out of the bag, separate and place in a dish or a kitchen source.

Freeze Mushrooms

Freezing of Stewed Mushrooms:-

This way of freezing serves to take advantage of better pieces and part sanitized in the field. Once the mushrooms have been cut, cook them with oil of 0-4 °, without salt and without other additives such as garlic, onion, etc., in order to later give us the desired use. We can also freeze dishes prepared with meat, vegetables, etc. The thawing procedure is to leave it in the refrigerator overnight or use the microwave. The maximum freezing time for this method will be 3 months.

If we Freeze Cooked Mushrooms:- 

This serves to stews with mushrooms always have in the freezer. If we prepare some stewed meat with mushrooms we can freeze it like any other food and have a maximum of 3 months in the freezer without affecting its properties.

If We are to Blanch the Mushrooms:- 

It is the same as in the previous case, all overcooked mushroom have less time for cooking, about 5 minutes in boiling water, so the shelf in freezing varies with respect to the mushroom and stew.

They are frozen in freezer bags and to put them in the freezer we just have to wait for them to cool down and, when defrosting we have them in the refrigerator 24 hours before. As aforementioned they can last up to 9 months in the freezer without altering their own characteristics.

This is what I have been able to study from the mushrooms. I love them, and you will too for sure when you know the answer to this that can you freeze mushrooms after cooking?

How to Defrost the Mushrooms:-

To defrost the mushrooms, you have only to remove them from the bag, separate them and place them in a grid to drain. Thaw them in the refrigerator or at room temperature, but never force to defrost them in a microwave.

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