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How to Cook Eggplant

An eggplant is one of the most versatile vegetables in the kitchen, it has varied and delicious possibilities that make it an excellent choice for starter, main course, or a side dish. In addition, it is very nutritious, low calorie and rich in fiber. It also has iron and antioxidants. Do you want to incorporate it into your diet but do not know how to prepare it? We explain how to cook eggplant with the most delicious recipes.

There is no doubt; the most popular way to cook eggplants is by stuffing them with meat or tuna. The stuffed eggplant is a complete and nutritious option that serves as a first course, ideal for the whole family, especially for those children who do not like to eat vegetables. Eggplants can be prepared in infinite ways: fried, roasted, baked, creamed, sautéed, sweetened, in the salad, stuffed, diced, stripped, wheeled. They can also be served as a main dish, as an accompanist, as the dip, as an entree … well; there seem to be no limits when preparing recipes with eggplants.

How to cook eggplant

  How to cook eggplant

How to cook eggplant?

Do you love eggplants, but do not know how to cook eggplant? Do not stress out, we will tell you. The best way to cook is grilled, broiled, steamed or baked. Try not to fry it, as it absorbs a lot of oil and it will be difficult for you to digest. Serve with cheese, sauté with garlic or stuff it with meat. There are several ways to cook your food that help you improve control of your weight because you save calories. It also improves your digestion and you will be healthier.

Ways of how to cook eggplant?

  • Baked:

Cooking in this way allows better preservation of food nutrients. This type of cooking helps you to save many calories.

  • Grilled:

The heat of this type of cooking method allows grilling food outside, leaving intact the aromas and juices.

  • Steamed:

Double-bottomed pans are used for this technique. This is ideal for weight watchers.

  • Stew:

As in steam cooking, nutrient losses are reduced to a minimum. This form of cooking is to introduce in a closed container which is desired cooking accompanied by onions, garlic or other vegetables.

  • On paper:

It is wrapped in greaseproof paper, aluminium or bagged. This type of preparation allows you to conserve all the nutrients and get the maximum natural flavour.

  • Boil:

It is the simplest, fastest and oldest way to prepare an eggplant. It is necessary to consider the cooking time for that food does not lose nutrients. Remember that it is important not to add fat to foods in any way, if you prepare them.

But the best thing about this is that eggplants are prepared quickly and they taste really delicious. Do you want to learn how to cook eggplant? So keep on reading; If you are looking to cook eggplant to prepare a delicious starter, then there is no doubt that choosing eggplants as a starter is an excellent alternative. It is a perfect choice to serve before a dinner, accompanied by a good homemade tomato sauce. You can also learn how to make breaded eggplant and prepare this delicious dish.

Another perfect alternative for cooking an eggplant in a delicious way is that serve as an entree that will leave everyone licking their fingers. This one combines this vegetable with delicious Mediterranean ingredients like tomatoes, anchovies and garlic to create a dish that will leave you sucking your fingers. Do you love stuffed things with ham and cheese, but you do not have meat on hand to prepare them? No problem! You can use this plant as an ally and cook delicious booklets. It is for sure that this sautéed eggplant will surprise everyone. This is a creative and very complete to enjoy this vegetable recipe differently. You can also prepare these booklets sautéed eggplants with tomatoes which are real good!

If you want to cook eggplant in a cake style then try the exquisite eggplant cake. It is a 100% vegetarian recipe, which is stuffed with tofu, an alternative full of flavour. And if this tofu is not your thing, you can make a simple eggplant cake stuffed with ham and cheese, a perfect traditional recipe for kids and guys. And to finish with some good ways to cook eggplant, you cannot miss one of the most typical cuisines. In this, there is a combination of eggplant, onion and red peppers that are made in the oven, which is an excellent companion for fish and meat. The best thing about this recipe is that you do not have to do much, just put the whole vegetables to baking and that’s it!

Simple Ways to Cook with Eggplant

  • Incorporate the eggplant to your diet, since it has a multitude of beneficial properties.
  • It also helps in severe headaches.
  • To remove its bitter taste, cut it a night before cooking, and put some slices (uncooked) in a container containing water with salt, rinse the next day to remove excess salt and cook. It is certain that you will the yummiest of eggplants ever!
  • It contains lots of water, so it has very few calories and is an excellent diuretic. It is an antioxidant and prevention of certain cancers or heart disease. It lowers cholesterol and helps prevent atherosclerosis.

Pure antioxidant:

Recently, scientists have identified the eggplant have high levels of chlorogenic acid, a potent antioxidant produced in plant tissues to protect against infections. In the skin of this plant have been identified flavonoids, pigments that give the colour purple, also with antioxidant properties. These flavonoids help lower cholesterol levels.

Did you know…

Drinking half a liter of eggplant water per day, for a week, helps lower cholesterol? It is prepared by soaking bits of eggplant, in a dark place for 24 hours.

Benefits of eggplant:
  • Promotes circulation
  • Reduces cholesterol
  • It helps to remove fat
  • Inhibits the growth of cancer cells in the stomach thanks to its vitamin E (great antioxidant).

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