12 Best Low Calorie Fast Foods Recipes Ideas

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What is a Fast Food?

Fast food is a type of mass-produced food that is prepared and served very quickly. It began with the first fish and chip shops in Britain in the 1860s. Pizzas, hamburgers, kebab… fast food is an alternative that always likes the little ones of the house. The fast food can be made more nutritious with simple quality ingredients. Everyone likes to have fast food, especially when you are on diet. Well, there are low calories fast foods too, that you can enjoy and satisfy your hunger. Following are the 12 low-calorie fast foods.

Are Fast Foods Cheap?

Fast food can be cheap and convenient, but many of your options also contain a high level of calories, fat and sodium. To help lower your calorie intake and avoid weight gain, read the nutritional information at your favourite fast-food restaurants to find healthier choices.

Top 12 Low-Calorie Fast Foods:-

Following are the best 12 low-calorie fast foods, that if you consume, will not put extra calories on to you and your craving will also be satisfied.

#1: Pizza:-

The Healthiest Dish to Order Fast Food Chains

Undoubtedly pizza is one of the fast food dishes that are mostly liked by the whole family. Also, pizza is amongst one of the 12 low-calorie fast foods, because it is baked, not fried. Apart from cheese in it, which is fattening, it has all those ingredients that are under control of the calories. There are numerous restaurants which are offering pizzas, as it in one of the fast food stars. It still retains some of its Mediterranean essences, so it is a perfect alternative if you are looking for a fast food that is lesser in calories.

#2: Subway:-

Healthy Fast Food Subway

Subway is a sandwich has some low-fat options with 300 calories or less. A 6-inch (12.54 cm) black forest ham sandwich on whole wheat bread with lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, onions and cucumbers contains 300 calories; 7 g total fat, 1.5 g saturated fat, 1,240 mg Sodium, 43 g of carbohydrates and 18 g of protein. A delicious 6-inch (812.54 cm) vegetarian sandwich with wholemeal bread is even friendlier to your diet, as it has only 230 calories; 2.5 g total fat, 0.5 g saturated fat, 410 mg Sodium, 45 g of carbohydrates and 8 grams of protein.

#3: Burger:-

The Best Burgers Under 300 Calories

Going to the burger is a right on special days for families with children. But why not bring the hamburgers home? Choose the meat that mostly is liked by the little ones. It is another of the most popular fast food options. Topped with chips or salad, if you want a lighter and complete it with, for example, dish an egg like this burger.

You can also prepare a vegetarian version and also suitable for those who suffer from lactose intolerance. In the same way, you can try a burger zucchini, based on a rich and healthy vegetable. Finally, we propose a recipe salmon burger, to demonstrate, once again, that this type of fast food not only can be made with meat, but we can do it with many other ingredients.

#4: Mexican Food:-

Healthy Mexican Fast Food

Mexican food is another of the large fast food groups that are the most successful harvest. Pancakes are one of the most versatile dishes that lend themselves to more combinations. Here are a lighter stuffed with vegetables and lean.

#5: Fried Chicken in Salads:-

Fried chicken in salads

A portion of six pieces of fried chicken served as fast food restaurants provides about 1,500 calories. What you can do is that you can add the fried chicken pieces in the salad. This will aid you in managing the calories. The Caesar chicken salad with fat-free dressing contains 255 calories, 7 g of total fat, 3.5 g of saturated fat, 1,150 mg of sodium, 14 g of carbohydrates and 34 g of protein.

#6: Sandwich:-

Classic Grilled Chicken Sandwich

The sandwich is one of the “fast” foods that mostly attracts all generations. Make turkey sandwiches or roasted beef, one all are yummy and low calorie too. You can also add a lettuce, tomato, onion, or mustard, or whatever you may like.

#7: Marconi:-

Macaroni Fast Foods

This extraordinary recipe of macaroni and cheese is lighter. You can add pumpkin, in fact, thanks to the pumpkin, which allows replacing much of the cheese without giving up its taste or its creamy texture.

#8: Hamburger:-

Fast Food Secrets

Yes, hamburger is a good option too. Order it with vegetables such as lettuce and tomato; change the chips for green salad; add mustard to hamburger instead of mayonnaise; change the soda for a drink without calories or water, the good deal isn’t it?

#9: Sushi:- 

Fast Food Sushi

Sushi you can find in any restaurant. It is a dish that delivers carbohydrates from rice and vegetables, healthy proteins and fats, from fish and algae minerals. It is served by pieces and their calories vary according to what they are stuffed. As a guideline, we can add that a piece of Nigiri has about 40 calories, Maki 20, Sashimi 43, California Roll 30, Maki Vegetal 20 and Gunkan 20(these are types of sushi).

#10: Chinese Food:- 

Chinese low calorie fast foods

Undoubtedly the most valued option by consumers is Chinese food less fattening than the rest of fast foods. There is a lot of myth around the menus of the oriental dishes. Chinese foods mainly consist of steamed dishes, as well as vegetables, have hardly any calories. In this group, we can get dumplings, rice and noodles (steamed) and a large number of dishes made only with vegetables. Despite being battered, a spring roll is also a good choice, with just over 100 calories.

#11: Fried Onion Rings:-

Oven Fried Onion Rings Recipe

A medium serving of fried onion rings has 370 calories. So if you are highly craving for something fried, then opt for it. Onions dipped in batter and then fried give you the same satisfaction to your taste buds.

#12: Hotdog:-

Best Hot Dogs and Sausages for Weight Loss

Last but not the least; a hot dog is so far the best option as a fast food. Hot dog, fried and wrapped in bread, or a bun will be for sure appealing for you.

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