How to Make Good Yogurt at Home

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Currently, in supermarkets, we can find a lot of yogurts, of all kinds and flavours. But, if you learn how to make good yogurt at home, it always adds value to make much tastier yogurt. To make it, you just need milk, a serving of yogurt and follow the steps that are briefed in this article of how to make good yogurt at home.

You can eat yogurt at breakfast, as a snack, a dessert or as a snack, yogurt is one of the most food consumed at home. How to make good yogurt at home is what you must surely learn as every family member will love it.

How to Make Homemade Yogurt

How is Yogurt Formed?

Yogurt is achieved by transforming milk with the help of bacteria and a little heat. The idea is to achieve a controlled fermentation, which allows the milk to coagulate, forming a creamy product, with a high nutritional value. Once yogurt is formed, it must be preserved in the refrigerator because, unlike industrial yogurt, homemade yogurt has a relatively short shelf period (one week). The ambient temperature would cause it to continue fermenting and spoil. Yogurt is a living being; there are millions of bacteria that form inside the milk and give it that delicious texture and flavour. So to make this divine elixir, it is necessary to cultivate these bacteria to reproduce again and again. In this guide, we will show how to make good yogurt at home.

The Process of Good Yogurt:-

The process of preparing yogurt is very simple. You have to spend about 10 minutes. The entire process can last for almost an hour, and then the yogurt is made by itself. We know that in home-made yogurt there are no preservatives or additives, and the nutrients have not been denatured by industrial processes. We can use the same bottles for life. Also for every liter of yogurt we make stop spending 8 plastic containers with their 8 aluminum caps.

How to Make Good Yogurt at Home:-


  • Milk
  • 1 tbsp plain yogurt without sugar
  • Glass jars
  • 1 clean spoon
  • Some insulation that retains heat: daily papers, a box of cork, a blanket, etc
  • If possible have a thermometer that reaches 90 ° C.


  • Put a spoonful of yogurt in each jar. For every half a liter of milk, a spoonful is needed, more or less.
  • Boil milk over low heat until it reaches 85 ° C, stirring occasionally with a clean utensil (e.g. the thermometer itself) to prevent sticking in the background. This takes about 10 minutes, depending on the ambient temperature. If you do not have a thermometer, turn off the heat when the milk begins to smoke and rise slightly.
  • Remove milk occasionally until it falls to 45 ° C. It takes a half hour, depending on the season. If it drops below 45ºC, we will restart the fire until it reaches that temperature.
  • Pour milk into bottles, the more we fill the more the better (and be less air). Stir vigorously with a spoon to mix well yogurt with milk.
  • Cover the jars and store them so that the heat is retained: wrapped with newspaper and put in a box, wrapped in a blanket, etc. (In this case, it may be convenient to put them in a bag to keep the blanket from staining). Let them rest without moving them for at least 6 hours (or all night) in the warmest place of the house.
  • In about 4 hours the yogurt will have thickened and will be ready to eat. It continues to thicken for two days.

How to make homemade yogurt with fruits

How is Homemade Yogurt Preserved?

Without opening the bottle, the yogurt is preserved 8 or 10 days. Note that you can mix it with fruit pieces, cereals, granola, or whatever you like.. You can also use it in other foods.

How to Make Homemade Yogurt with Fruits:-

There are plenty of options, textures, flavours and consistencies in the market that often include other elements such as chocolate chips, cereals or fruits. Round the globe, there are many fruits that you can add in a yogurt. Why not, then, why not to do the yogurt at home with fresh fruit? The preparation is very simple. You can take advantage of the seasonal fruit and offer an exquisite dessert made by ourselves. We will tell you how to make a good homemade yogurt with fruits.

Home-made Yogurt with Flavors and Fruits:-

Making yogurt is very simple. And adding flavour and textures of fruit is not complicated either: just choose the fruit and try to mix with the yogurt base.

If you want to make yogurt with fruit have several options for flavour and aroma, using jams, preserves or fresh fruit ripe. To use fresh fruits, peel, remove the seeds and pass through the blender or the blender until a light puree. Add the pureed fruit (or marmalade and jam) to the yogurt mixture while still warm.

Yogurts and more appetizing fruits work best are those that contain fruit with a fleshy pulp, without excessive water content and high fructose at maturity. Among them are the strawberries, peach, banana, kiwi and apricots, plus called berries such as blackberries, blueberries and raspberries. Not only fruit yogurts be achieved by adding crushed pulp but also can add pieces of fruit fresh whole, so that a very healthy and rich yogurt is obtained in dietary fiber .

Natural yogurt has a slightly acid taste that not everyone likes; so it is usual to sweeten it with a teaspoon of sugar. But also it can give you a sweet touch by adding a couple of tablespoons of jam at the base of the cups where yogurt is prepared. Then the warm mixture is poured over the selected jam and once the yogurt is set, the result is spectacular: a natural yogurt integrated with the jam and can be supplemented with a few pieces of the selected fruit, fresh. Hope till now, you would have learned how to make good yogurt at home.

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